Resources from Yellow Sun

cropped-cartoon-sun-7111.pngLearn more about what Yellow Sun can offer and to keep up-to-date with training and events  CLICK HERE

soli-hero For 1:1 tailored support, help and advice to help you manage your child’s challenging behavior. For an initial free consultation CLICK HERE

tea Monthly informal meetings where mums come together to offer support, guidance and friendship. To join us warrior mums CLICK HERE

cropeedVisual timetables can be used to help your child manage his day and avoid tantrums and meltdowns. For your free copy (plus P+P) CLICK HERE

free-gamesFree games to download, make and play together CLICK HERE


Coming soon………………

3d-book Book soon to be published ‘5 Reasons Why Most Schools Fail Your Child With Special Needs’

"Online Learning" on the screen. Woman hands over the laptop keyboard. Online training course for parents soon to be published. WATCH THIS SPACE!